Any immigration process is going to be a source of stress, but political asylum cases are usually some of the most complex out there. These operate under very different mechanisms than the rest of the immigration procedures, resulting in inconveniences due to bureaucracies and policy changes. This is why it will be important to look for a Political Asylum Lawyer in Los Angeles. This will be in charge of finding the best way to navigate your case.

How Political Asylum Works

Political asylum is an immigration mechanism present in a variety of different countries intended to help those who have to leave their homeland due to a direct threat to their safety and well-being. These processes occur in a complex and long-lasting manner, so you have to know how to handle requests correctly. That’s what our political asylum lawyer in Los Angeles is for to guide you through this entire situation. Here, you will find a brief guide about political asylum but do not hesitate to contact us if you need more personalized advice for your own case.

Understanding your Case

The United States government is very strict regarding the number of people who can receive special status for political asylum here in the country. This is why a good political asylum lawyer in Los Angeles can help with this process to improve your chances of staying in the country. It is worth clarifying that immigration cases exist in a different legal situation than the rest of the cases in the country since the immigration courts operate under the parameters of the Department of Justice and not the judicial branch of the government. This is why it is especially important that an immigration lawyer handle your case.

Know Your Options

It is estimated that about two-thirds of the cases heard by asylum officers and half of the cases heard by immigration judges are denied. The process of applying for political asylum here in the United States is not simple and can be quite hopeless for those who are denied it. Luckily, this doesn’t have to be the end of the process. If you have a political asylum case that was denied here in the United States but you have reason to believe that your case is valid and deserves another chance, there is the possibility of applying again and seeking a different verdict. To do this, it is always good to have the help of a lawyer who is dedicated to this type of case.

Political Asylum Lawyer in Los Angeles

Neither you nor anyone else deserves to go through an arduous immigration process alone. A good immigration attorney will not only help you understand the difficult path ahead but will also make this path much easier for you. Therefore, if you need help with your immigration situation, do not hesitate to contact Paniotto Law, our immigration law firm. Call or write to us to start your process with a free consultation in which we will analyze your case. Once we are clear about what to do, we will do everything possible to move your case forward. Paniotto Law has all the solutions for you.