In removal proceedings, the United States government can use more than fifty different reasons to deport you. The government will always find a reason to deport an immigrant, so it is necessary to be prepared for any case. These are some of the reasons the court can use against you and because of which you should prepare for defense against deportation.

Entering the Country Without a Visa

This is the most obvious reason why removal proceedings would be initiated against you. After all, crossing the border without a visa is considered a minor offense that can be taken to court. If you entered the United States without a visa, the government considers you an illegal immigrant. In case the authorities find out about your illegal presence in the country, they could quickly start an immigration case against you. This does not mean that you can be deported so easily, as there are ways to build a case. But if you have not lived in the United States for a long time, these cases are usually not easy, but a good immigration attorney can help you develop an effective defense against deportation.

Overstaying the Stay on Your Visa

If you enter the United States on a tourist visa, there are mainly two rules that you must follow. First, you cannot work in the United States, and second, you cannot stay longer than the stipulated time, which is generally six months. If you, for example, have been working in the country without the proper visa or permit, the government may file a case against you to deport you back to your home country. There are certain conditions under which your rights can be protected through a good case. You will not be deported in every case, especially if you have an immigration attorney handling your case. It is not impossible to win, and deportation does not have to be your only option.

Convictions for Crimes or Misdemeanors

In the United States legal system there are two categories of crimes: misdemeanors and felonies. Immigrants in the United States have to be very careful about these, because with two or more charges against you (generally) you could be deported for it. This means that you are not only defending yourself against the misdemeanor or crime in question, but you are also going to have to defend yourself against removal proceedings. A good immigration lawyer will be able to help you balance the sentence to be able to defend you, in the least, from the deportation itself. It is about putting together a good defense against deportation that takes into account all the components of your case.

Defense Against Deportation

The first instinct of many people summoned to immigration court is not to show up for fear of being deported. But not appearing in court means that the judge can rule against you without hearing your case. If you appear with the necessary legal help, you have the opportunity to present your case and obtain a ruling in your favor. If you would like a free consultation to discuss your case, contact our immigration attorneys at Paniotto Law through the information on our contact page. We are here to help you.