Do you think you are a candidate to receive political asylum in the United States? Our Los Angeles political asylum lawyer can help you determine if your case is viable. Below you will find a brief guide on these types of requests. 

Steps to Receive Political Asylum

There are many things to keep in mind when considering political asylum as an option for your particular immigration situation. After all, this is a tool intended for very specific cases, and not everyone can make use of it. On top of this, approximately two-thirds of the applications for political asylum in the United States are denied, so you have to have realistic expectations when applying to this mechanism. Below, you will find the two important steps to keep in mind when looking for this option. Our team is here to make sure you are aware of all that this process entails.

Determine Your Eligibility

Determining eligibility for political asylum depends on several different factors, as these are always subject to change according to the policies of the government in power. Thus, those who were eligible for asylum one year may not be eligible the following year. A lawyer for political asylum in Los Angeles will always be aware of these changes since it is his job. If you have questions about the current asylum parameters and how they may affect you in building your case, contact our attorney who will take a look at your case and determine the best way to get your asylum case moving.

Start the Petition

There are only two ways you can apply for political asylum : at the border or from within the United States. Now, if you are doing this from within the country, the way you are going to apply for asylum will depend on your immigration status. You can apply regardless of whether you are in the country legally or not, but the processes will be different if the government has already started deportation proceedings against you. In any case, try to have the help of a lawyer who knows how to navigate political asylum cases like yours and he will clarify your doubts properly.

Political Asylum Lawyer in Los Angeles

Immigration paperwork of any kind and to any degree is usually easy to navigate. Therefore, it never hurts to have the help of a professional whose area of ​​expertise is this. Here at Paniotto Law, our Los Angeles immigration firm, our team of attorneys is ready to help you with your case, no matter what it is. With our help, you will be able to move forward with your immigration process with the best chance on your side. Contact us by phone or by the form here on our website to schedule your free consultation and start your process. We are here to help you.